Forest Rights Act and Conservation in Korchi

By Adam Barr/ Kalpavriksh on Dec. 12, 2019 in Videos on Alternative initiatives

Since receiving Community Forest Resource Rights (CFRs) under the Forest Rights Act and the implementation of Maharashtra Rules under the Panchayat (Extension) to Scheduled Areas Act (PESA), villagers of Korchi taluka (Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra) have revived a sense of belonging and connection to the forest leading to processes towards gram sabha empowerment, strengthening local livelihoods based on collection and sale of non timber forest produce such as tendu leaves and bamboo, and management and conservation of forests.

Forest Rights Act and Conservation in Korchi, produced by Kalpavriksh.

Story Tags: Food Sovereignty, Forest Rights Act, Community forest resource management, Community Rights, sustainable ecology, sustainability, rural economy, rights, forest, forest food, ecological


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