Disposable pads, disposable lives

By Bindu Mohanty on April 15, 2014 in Health and Hygiene

In India, only 35 million women, or 10% of the menstruating population, use disposable sanitary napkins for menstrual protection. While there is an urgent need for improved menstrual hygiene management in the nation, it is becoming amply clear that non-degradable sanitary napkins are not a solution, for the disposal of used napkins directly affects public health. Most importantly, the practice of flushing non-degradable sanitary napkins clogs up sewers, and conservancy workers, who all come from the lowest Dalit sub-caste, risk their health and lives as they have to go down the manholes to unblock the sewer system.


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At the conference (February dialogues) on Towards a Sustainable Paradigm at Fireflies in Bangalore, Minhaj Ameen and Bindu Mohanty presented earth&us’ current projects. By popular demand, the above presentation is made publicly available, for we wish to create awareness about this crucial issue. You are welcome to adapt it for your purposes, but we request you to cite out website as the source

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  • Desneige Hallbert 6 years, 5 months ago
    Check out this website: http://ecofemme.org/

    "Eco Femme is a global women’s empowerment initiative.
    Rising from rural India, reaching out to women around the world,
    we promote and revitalize menstrual practices that are
    healthy, dignified, affordable and eco positive."


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