Meet Lakshmy Das – a young community worker pushing sustainable practices in Kumily

MHM sessions are conducted for small groups, highlighting the cultural taboos associated with menstruation, guidance on how to maintain hygiene during menstruation...

Making Informed Choices, Bleeding Clean

How conversations around sustainable menstruation were enabled in Kerala

Casteless & Constitutional: Pune’s Padman Had a Unique Wedding That We Can All Learn From!

For wedding presents, they insisted upon only books! - they are set to open libraries, in their respective villages in Solapur and Kolhapur

Men in menstruation – are we addressing the elephant in the room?

... signal that men are coming forward to accept the elephant in the room.

Behind the beautiful forevers

The difference it can make for women in slums to have safe, clean sanitation facilities, the time it can free up for them, the freedom it gives them.

Eco Femme : Cut from a different cloth

This Auroville-based company makes reusable sanitary napkins from cloth, which are both environment-friendly and cheaper

Uger: New beginnings in sustainable, safe, and dignified menstruation

Uger, a grassroots enterprise, is helping Indian women understand why they need to look beyond the disposable pad.

Disposable pads, disposable lives

Do I, a woman, who disposes non-degradable sanitary napkins directly affect public health? Yes, I do! Find out how and take a pledge to solve the problem.