A bridge not too far

By Shiba Desor and Ashish Kothari on Feb. 12, 2014 in Knowledge and Media

Do we ever pause to think how a city really works? How easy or difficult is it to understand and access government
schemes, especially for the poor? How can spaces be created for dialogue between the government and marginalised
sections of urban society, such as slum dwellers?
A team of social workers and activists in a usually forgotten part of India, Kutch, is showing how the chasm between the “governed” and the “governors” can be filled. Urban Setu, a civil society initiative in Bhuj town, has attempted a simple yet bold answer.

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Story Tags: Kacchh, Kutch, Gujarat, Sethu, urban Sethu, civil society initiative, grassroots urban goverance, Bhuj Bole Che


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