Vikalp Sangam Report - Hemis Shukpachan

By Tsewang Namgail (PhD) on Dec. 5, 2016 in Livelihoods

Organic Agricultural Production in Sham Area: Challenges and Opportunities

A one-day Vikalp Sangam was organised by the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC-IT), the Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) and Kalpavriksh in the Sham valley. Residents of nine villages of western Ladakh gathered at the village of Hemos-Shukpachan on 15th April, 2016 to interact with agricultural experts and NGOs and exchange thoughts about future prospects and current challenges in organic agriculture of the region. The event saw representation from the villages of Tia, Likir, Ulley, Saspotsey, Yangthang, Ang, Tarutse and Hemis-Shukpachan.

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Let's Re-visit Ladakh 2025- Vision Document - by Tsewang Rigzin, reporting on the Alternatives Confluence held at Ladakh in July 2015 which discussed Ladakh 2025 Vision Document in detail and came up with a set of recommendations for its implementation. (checked on 25 Nov. 2016)

Story Tags: culture, rural economy, traditional agricultural techniques, sustainable ecology, sustainable consumerism, organic agriculture, organic farming, community supported agriculture


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