Participatory Budgeting in Pune : A critical review

By Sanskriti Menon, with inputs from Avinash Madhale and Amarnath on March 2, 2014

Pune has experimented with a form of Participatory Budgeting since 2006, when it was first introduced formally by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Citizens’ organizations have played an important role in initiating and shaping it.
A study was done in early 2013 by CEE as a critical reflection of the experience of participatory budgeting in Pune. The study reveals a few strengths as well as a number of weaknesses and opportunities. Some of the major achievements have been the simplicity of the process for citizens, that it has been take place regularly every year, a substantial quantum of funds has been allocated and there is some response to suggestions from the poor. Some of the major areas of improvement are in outreach, transparency of process, institutionalizing the processes in slum localities, institutionalizing the role of the corporator, enhanced practice and experimentation with public deliberation processes, and year-round engagement.
The study shows that there appears to be interest among both citizens groups and political parties to improve the PB process for varied reasons, and both would likely be important actors in the further evolution of PB in Pune.

Contact : Sanskriti Menon,

First Published by Centre for Environment Education in August 2013


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