Local Exchange Systems: Designing Community Incentives

By Mihir Mathur, Mithika D’Cruz on July 17, 2014 in Perspectives

Economic Globalization in its current form is a centralising juggernaut which often causes large-scale resource depletion in remote eco-systems, unpredictable price variations in essential commodities and lead to macroeconomic upheaval. Coupled with this is the potential of widespread impacts of Climate Change which increases the vulnerability of human settlements especially the resource poor within. In context of the dual risks of economic globalization and climate change, Localisation appears to be the most systemic response mechanism. Localisation is the manifestation of a decentralised, democratised economy that allows communities to develop ecosystems based Climate Resilient Economies.

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Contact: Mihir Mathur

First Published by Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) Pune

Story Tags: Adaptation, globalization, Localization, Climate Change


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