Decentralising ration procurement in Odisha’s anganwadis

By Pradeep Baisakh on March 6, 2014 in Food and Water

Following the Rs. 700 crore pulses scam in Odisha in January 2011, the State government decided to decentralise the procurement of all the items in the supplementary nutrition programme (SNP) under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and the Mid Day Meal programme in schools, with the exception of rice which is supplied by the Food Corporation of India.

Two years since, the decision has brought colours in the villages. Download full Story or Read On

Original title: Towards upping the ante
First Published in The Hindu on April 5, 2013

Story Tags: SNP, ICDS, WCD, THR, take home ration, Odisha, anganwadi, supplementary nutrition programme SNP, Mid Day Meal


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