Decentralised Water and Energy Conservation in Urban Setting

By Venugopal Pillai on March 7, 2014 in Energy
The major problem in the urban context from the point of view of groundwater is its contamination due to release of untreated sewage into the ground and its exhaustion due toexcessive withdrawal. A very good solution to this problem is decentralised treatment and reuseand recharge of both grey and black water so as to both do away with the problem of untreatedsewage and also increase the availability of groundwater. Find out how Rahul Banerjee implemented a solution in his house in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
Check it out on scribd or Download the article
You can also watch what Rahul has to say here (YouTube)
and read another article on the same house - House of Solutions - by Makarand Purohit
Contact: Rahul Banerjee
74, Krishnodayanagar, Khandwanaka
cell no;+919425943023

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