Be a Radical Alternative - A Collage

By Shanaia Kapoor (Age 17) on Jan. 25, 2018 in Environment and Ecology

With a world, constantly driven by the ever widening forces of consumerism and materialism, free minds that think differently, against the currents of everyday monotony, are like little drops of rain in this drought of gradual self-destruction. At this point in the course of worldly disintegration, these left wing raindrops and radical tendencies are the only things that can save us. Political, social and cultural independence is slowly slipping through our fingers, and we need to take it back- we need to regain control over our own lives, and stop our identities from being reduced to Aadhar card numbers and mere digits on a screen. We are all free people, with free minds and free hearts- with the right to express ourselves, love whoever we want to and live our own lives. We must not succumb, instead, we must bring out the radical alternative inside us. BE A RADICAL ALTERNATIVE AND SAVE THE WORLD 

Shanaia Kapoor (Age 17) - The Valley School, Krishnamurti Foundation of India, Bangalore

Story Tags: Economic Growth, alternative approach, sustainability, art, consumerism, environmental activism


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