The rookery by the bay

Forest Department watchers and volunteers from villagers make stupendous efforts to protect the eggs from dogs, jackals and others

Unique study trains eyes on 'Devrai's

NGO, forest dept assessing sacred groves across Pune divn, encouraging residents to sustain beneficial traditions.

Odisha tribal women start info centre to fight for individual, community forest rights, pending for several years

They harnessed their intimate traditional knowledge of the forest and plant species to increase the forest cover and brought streams back to life.

Assam activist receives Green Oscar for conservation of endangered stork species

The bird has now been embedded into the local culture have also succeeded, with the hargila motif finding its way into local handloom products

A Common Right: Defending Communal Forests in India

One of the village leaders shares the story of how they were able to protect their lands and secure the future of their community.

The Chizami model of development

How women in a remote Nagaland village are bringing about transformation rooted in traditional Naga practices

हमारे गाव में हम ही सरकार (in Hindi)

मेंढ़ा-लेखा ... विकल्पहीन होती जा रही दुनिया में विकल्प और उम्मीद की किरण बनकर सामने आया है।

Vanabrangipadu Gram Sabha report

... even if you manage without the land titles your whole life, ... your kids could have a hard time later on, so I guess you’d better get the titles.

किसानों की पनाह में 'गरुड़ों' का आशियाना (in Hindi)

“आप बस गरुड़ के विरोध में बोलकर दिखाइए, तब आपको पता चल जाएगा कि आप कितने पानी में है.”

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