Our Local Santha (Farmers’ Market)

By Radha Gopalan on Mar. 30, 2014 in Food and Water

This is the story of how a local farmers’ market was born in an arid corner of Rayalseema. For over a year and a half the dalit, landless women and women from peasant families were trying to find ways to improve their nutrition through increased intake of vegetables and greens. The spiraling vegetable prices and poor access to vegetable markets were making it unaffordable. Other farmers who grow small quantities of vegetables for home use wanted an avenue to sell their surplus. The producers and consumers came together and set up a local vegetable shandy. Local production and local consumption. Not only the rural community but all of us living on the Rishi Valley School campus are now enjoying fresh, seasonal, local produce.

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Photo Credits: Radha Gopalan

Contact: Radha Gopalan

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