Unique farmer-consumer initiative to cultivate millets to be launched on June 16

By Sushil RaoonJun. 15, 2018in Food and Water

HYDERABAD: Even as the state government’s ‘Rythu Bandhu’ also envisages farmers getting the right price for their produce, an NGO in Hyderabad had come up with a unique initiative that assures farmers that 100 per cent of their produce will be bought. The initiative, being launched by Deccan Development Society, is said to be the first of its kind in the country.

Consumption of millets is what nutritionists suggest and in the unique initiative, a farmers-consumers tie up to cultivate millets will be launched on June 16.

In fact, at Arjun Naik Thanda in Pastapur of Medak districts, consumers from the city will take part in the farming by being present at the sowings time itself. The villagers of Pastapur are known across the country for the many initiatives that the Deccan Development Society (DDS) has taken in guiding farmers in cultivating millets and teaching them ecological concepts in agriculture. The womenfolk of Pastapur even run an community radio station to educate farmers on best practices.

DDS secretary P V Satheesh told TOI on Thursday that in the ‘Beyond Organic ConFarm’ launch was about enlightened consumes getting into an understanding with ecological farmers to cultivate millets of their choice. “As of now consumers who are interesting in millets buy whatever comes into the market. The difference now would be consumers will directly get the produce from farmers by requesting them to cultivate millet/millets of their choice. There will be no middlemen,” Satheesh said.

Many people from the city who consume millets considering that it is advised as healthy food have already shown interest for a tie-up with the farmers directlyl and they will be present at the Arjun Naik Thanda to connect with the farmers through the Disha Women’s Society. After taking part in the sowings at 9am, the farmers and consumers will also have an interaction. In the unique tie-up, consumers can also visit the farm regularly to follow the cultivation of their crops.

The millets that farmers will cultivate and give directly to consumers include jowar (sorhum), Korralu (foxtail millet, Samalu (Little millet), Sajjalu (Pearl millet, bajra), Tidalu (Finger millet, Ragi), Kandipappu (pigeon pea), tur dal, Anumulu (Dolichose beans, Rajma), Pesari Pappu (Mung dal/green gram), Minappappu (Black bean), Pundi (hibiscus, Gongoora), Manchi Nuvvulu (sesame), Gaddi Nuvvulu (Niger, Erri nuvvu), Bebbarlu (Cowpea, Bobbarlu), Kodisama (Proso millet), Vulavalu Horsegram).

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