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Resources for Knowledge & Media: Tools

  1. Abhivyakti Media for Development offers training courses in order to use media effectively for social development and change. Abhivyakti also has a large collection of books, films, posters, documentaries, slide shows dealing with various subjects like gender, environment, children, human rights, etc. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  2. Charkha Development Communication Network: Through multilingual training programmes and workshops this organisation helps marginalised communities across India, activists, and community workers improve their communication skills for the better use of media. It also empowers people by providing skill building training sessions for starting and running of cartoon and radio programmes particularly for unschooled communities. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  3. Drishti, an organisation based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, believes that ‘each individual has a story to tell,’ and so it undertakes training programmes to develop communication skills as well as collaborates with diverse non government organisations in order to train people to use video, radio and other means of communication like theatre for the betterment of communities. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  4. How Indigenous Nomadic Pastoralists in Iran are using GIS Maps to Defend and Conserve Their Territories, by Cenesta and Global Forest Coalition – Participatory GIS is enabling local communities to make their own maps and models, and using these for their own research, analysis, assertion of rights and resolution of conflicts over land. (checked on 13 Aug. 2017)

  5. AuthaGraph World Map – This rectangular world map eliminates distortions inherent in the familiar world map.  is made by equally dividing a spherical surface into 96 triangles, transferring it to a tetrahedron while maintaining areas proportions and unfolding it to be a rectangle. (checked on 22 Jan. 2017)

  6. OpenStreetMap is a map of the world created by ordinary people and free to use under an open license. (checked on 16 Mar. 2018).

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