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  1. In almost three years of deployment in India, CGNet Swara has logged more than 137,000 phone calls and released 2,100 messages. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  2. Manch – Community Media MANCH has been developed through a participatory process. Several Community Radio Stations and other community content creators have contributed their ideas to its user interface and design. It is based on principles of open source and all development code for the site will be available in the public domain. It will remain a work in progress in the hands of its users. (checked on 9 Jul. 2015)

  3. Radio Namaskar was established at KONARK ( Internationally renowned tourist place for Sun Temple) to make the common people informative & active participant of the community development process.

  4. Contact details of Community Radio Stations in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. (checked on 3 Sep. 2019)

  5. The full list of Radio Stations currently licensed across India is available at this link: For contact details for most of the stations included in that list, see this:

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