Kharai camels to get protection as endangered species

By Parth Shastri on Apr. 29, 2015 in Environment and Ecology

(Though the title uses the word ‘species’, Kharai has in fact been recognised as a ‘breed’ of camels)

AHMEDABAD: As now Kutch’s ‘swimming camels’ have got recognition as a separate breed of camels, the experts hope that it would help in conservation and research efforts.

At the moment, Gujarat is the only home to Kharai camel who have adapted to the extreme climate of rann and shallow seas and high salinity. As per latest counting, the state has 6,200 camels out of which around 2,200 are found in areas such as Lakhpat, Abdasa, Mundra and Bhachau in Kutch whereas the remaining are seen in South Gujarat near Aliya Bet.


As the breeds having less than 10,000 population are identified as endangered, it can get special recognition and care. The move will also throw light on the life of maaldhari community whose livelihood is intertwined with that of the animal.

First published in Times of India

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Watch a video on Kharai Camels (by Sahajeevan)

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  1. Similar to gujrat, such mangrove camels also live in coastal areas of Djibouti and northwestern Somalia. Those who grow up with camels always hold them dear in their hearts. I am glad to note those camels in Gujrat will now get protection. Hurray!

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