India’s first Land Art Festival

By Shweta BhattadonDec. 08, 2016in Food and Water

Dear Friends,

We want to organize seed festival at the end of the second week of December during Gram Dhara Chitra Utsav in baazar area of Paradsinga village. last time our beejotsav group organized the seed festival in Paradsinga in month of may, we again need to come together and need your support and suggestions for organizing it.. Please go through the following details of the festival:

Gram Art Project is a collective of like-minded people who are working in Paradsinga village for the last 3 years, together with farmers and villagers through various Art interventions. In the course of these years, we realized that Land Art can comment strongly on farming issues as it involves soil, seeds, water & farmers, uniting the community at one place irrespective of cast, gender & power. For this Land Art we invited social workers, artists and local farmers to collaborate and make powerful images on contemporary farming issues. These 7 different images will grow in 7 different farms, which will be open for public viewing. This will increase the footfall in the village and will also support the economy of the village in different ways…

We need new festivals which are beyond caste and religion and celebrate people, celebrate life, celebrate nature… Through this land art festival we will be celebrating our land, our soil, our food and our nature.. We are thinking to celebrate this festival every year. The youth of the village is excited about this festival and has equal participation in it, sharing various ideas, and is involved in the process of organizing and celebrating it…

The young students and women involved in growing the images in the fields were: Parvindar Singh, Malti Kapse, Radha Lohi, Pooja Lohi, Adarsh Dhoke, Navkesh Takede, Parth Suryawanshi, Kunal Humne, Sandesh Kanade.

Below you can find the notes from the diary of the writer “Sunanda Joshi” from Pune who was part of the Land Art residency. These notes contain the details of social workers, artists & farmers involved in the residency and also the details of the images that were grown.. Also attached with this mail you will find the images of group discussions & field work…

Gram Team

(Taken from an email by the author)
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Read the notes (in Marathi) from the Diary of Sunanda Joshi, one of the participants

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