Igniting Young Minds: Youth Camps at Kalpavalli

By Mohit Arora / KalpavrikshonFeb. 06, 2020in Environment and Ecology

Produced Specially by Kalpavriksh for Vikalp Sangam

Youth camps at Timbaktu Collective’s Kalpavalli programme seek to inculcate sensitivity and awareness towards nature amongst the youth of the surrounding villages in Anathapura District, Andhra Pradesh. 

9,000 acres of restored and reforested village commons land known as the Kalpavalli Community Conservation Area serves as an exemplary living example that drives the holistic learning processes in all these camps.

Read an article on Kalpavalli

The Soil has Veins

which is about restoring this arid land in Andhra Pradesh to its original bounty, or in translation

ఇది జీవధారలు గల నేల (in Telugu);

or another article Spotlight on Regenaration: The Timbaktu Collective Bridging Community and Conservation.

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