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Resources for Settlements & Transport:  Websites

  1. Re-imagine Waste is series of Waste Hackathons designed by Centre for Product jDesign and Manufacturing, IISc Bangalore, to speed up the process of co-creation of innovative, inclusive solutions. Each with a specific theme – each supported by the best in the industry. (checked on 7 Aug. 2018)
  2. RAAHGIRI DAY’ : In a quest to make Gurgaon accessible for its residents and encourage the use of cycling, walking and public transport in the city, organizations and activists of Gurgaon have come together to execute a novel concept  – ‘RAAHGIRI DAY’. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)
  3. The summary Preliminary Draft of Pune Cycle Plan. View slides on the Plan for a Modern, Cycle-inclusive Multi-modal Transportation System. (checked on 7 Sep. 2017) Website, Facebook, Google group Pune Cycling (for updates on the Pune Cycle Plan)!aboutgroup/punecycling (contact owner to join) (checked on 27 Feb. 2019)
  4. The objective of TrinTrin (Mysore’s New Public Bicycle Sharing System) is to encourage local commuters, as well as visitors, to use the bicycle in preference to motorized modes of travel and thereby help scale down the multifarious environmental and road-traffic hazards, enhance conveyance convenience, and make local daily commutes economical for the common citizen. (checked on 13 Apr. 2017)
  5. Transformative Cities is an opportunity for progressive local governments, municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society organizations to popularize and share their experiences of tackling and finding solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crisis. The initiative draws on the emerging wave of transformative political practices taking place at municipal level worldwide. (checked on 2 Dec. 2017)
  6. Cholamandal Artists Village: A group of artists set up their own village/settlement close to Chennai without any external funding. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)
  7. Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes – Tannal means ‘Shade’ and they are a small group based in Tiruvannamalai, working on small low-rise earth friendly shelters. They conduct workshops and conduct research. (checked on 9 Jan. 2016)
  8. Dancing Rabbit: A planned eco village in the USA. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)
  9. Varied uses of bamboo in Assam. (checked 3 Aug. 2015)
  10. The Auroville Earth Institute, founded by HUDCO, Government of India, promotes earthen architecture by bringing together the traditional knowledge with modern outlook. (checked 3 Aug. 2015)
  11. The National Centre for Eco-centric Development and People’s Action (CEDAP), provides environmentally sustainable, cost effective and disaster resistant technology in buildings. (checked on 3 Aug. 2015)
  12. Maps by ECA Watch – These show popular alternative proposals of envisioning infrastructure worldwide.  (checked on 2 Mar. 2016)
  13. Parisar is a civil society organization working in Pune on lobbying and advocacy for sustainable development. Its current work focuses mainly on sustainable urban transport, since it recognizes that unsustainable transport policies and systems are the foremost threat to urban environment and quality of life. (checked on 24 Jul. 2016)
  14. Minim, a crowd-sourced project, strives to amplify the voice of municipalism (which, among other things, aims at combining local action with networked distributed and cooperative power trans-locally) by sharing practical and theoretical knowledge with the support of a community of activists, scholars, journalists, and public officials. (checked on 23 May 2021)
  15. Proto Village – Being set up in 12.5 acres of land, in the 2nd driest district in India (Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh), ProtoVillage is a role-model rural community being built for the villagers, by the villagers. It will be a center for learning, practice, demonstration and dissemination of the knowledge on how any community inthis region can organize itself to be Abundant – Ecologically sustainable, Socially cohesive, and Economically viable. (checked on 8 Sep. 2016)
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