Nagaland’s docu-film bags first prize

By T. Karnakar Reddy onFeb. 17, 2017in Food and Water

Filmmakers put across invaluable benefits of milets in their 14-minute-long movie.

Movie crew of Millets-Securing Lives being presented first prize by Pawan Manvi.
Movie crew of Millets-Securing Lives being presented first prize by Pawan Manvi. Photo: By Arrangement

Sangareddy: The 14-minute long movie, Millets – Securing Lives bagged first prize in the first-ever National Community Media Festival organised by the Community Media Trust of Deccan Development Trust in memory of Jai Chandiram in Zaheerabad.

Filmmakers Vizoli Khamo, Tshenyilou Churhah and Kewekhrozo Thopi received lots of appreciation from movie makers from across the globe for their effort in successfully presenting the importance of continuing the millet cultivation.

The movie makers were supported by the North Eastern Network, a women’s rights organisation in making the movie. Addressing the audience after receiving the award, Vizoli Khamo said that his parents used to cultivate millets in a major share of their land during his childhood, but the area under millet cultivation has come down gradually over the years.

“Millets were once a staple food of the people from Nagaland, but its cultivation almost disappeared as people started consuming rice and wheat,” he said. “We want to show the people and the government about the importance of sustaining the cultivation of millets for maintaining agro-bio diversity,” he said. He goes on to say that the consumption of millets keeps us healthy and fit.

The two other members of the production crew were women, who were praised by the movie makers and organisers for their courageous effort. Founder principal of Ramoji Academy of Film and Television, Pawan Manvi, who graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, presented the award.

First published by Telangana Today

Millets – Securing Lives made by Peter, Kewekhrozo Thopi, Tshenyilou Churhah and Vozoli Khamo of the North East Network from Assam explains how the locals look at millets and how important they are, if consumed regularly, for keeping good health. The film also explains how farmers (of Chizami and Sumi and other villages Of Nagaland) returned to millet cultivation after recognising its importance. (checked on 13 Feb. 2017)

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