Sustainable Consumption Line
Unique farmer-consumer initiative to cultivate millets to be launched on June 16

The initiative is about enlightened consumers getting into an understanding with ecological farmers to cultivate millets of their choice.

Freedom for sale

Are we then slowly becoming a nation full of thieves?

A Subaltern View of Climate Change

For those earning more than Rs 30,000 pm to become sustainable their total emissions would have to be halved ...

Ten Treasures of India for a Light Ecological Footprint

India has non-material treasures, related to security, health, education and lifestyles, which can help the world lighten its ecological footprint!

Have you overstepped the Sustainable Consumption Line?

What is needed now is a Sustainable Consumption Line, which determines whether an individual (or, extrapolated, a family, community or region) is living sustainably. Then those Above Sustainable Consumption Line (ASCL) would be eligible for actions that help or force them to scale down.