From rubbish to rice: the cafe that gives food in exchange for plastic

One day a whole family came in with huge sacks of plastic waste, weighing seven kilos.

This Kolhapur Man Runs An Organic Store Which Doesn’t Create Any Waste

"... the oils are wood-pressed, flours and powders are stone-ground, and seeds are of the heirloom variety.”

Indian Students Mail 20,000 Plastic Food Wrappers Back to Manufacturers

Producers, importers and brand owners — not municipalities — are responsible for collecting plastic waste left by their products.

Sustainable living and lessons for all

As part of the one-week campaign, volunteers will be conducting house visits and spreading the green message.

Despair and hope on the Roof of the World

Ladakhis are working quietly towards sustaining, reviving and reconstructing society in ways that could bring back some harmony between humans and nature.

Eco Femme : Cut from a different cloth

This Auroville-based company makes reusable sanitary napkins from cloth, which are both environment-friendly and cheaper

Two women engage in battle against plastic

Arul Priya and Geetha Indravel say they started Nammaboomi to put an end to the throwaway culture

Use Un-Packaged Water

'Water without Waste' campaign to promote use of un-packaged water in India.