Rolling back the architect

"Each village community is different, so with each village the approach had to change."

Dump the AC, Use These 3 Green Cooling Solutions While Building Your Home!

"Everything we build from now onwards has to be eco-sensitive, energy efficient, cost efficient, people-centred and value-based."

Interview with Indrajeet Misra

Collectively the material created a patchwork quilted vision of yearning, lost childhood and vivid memories powerfully simply evoked by the…

This Couple’s Quest for Natural Living Has Resulted in a Mini Forest and an Energy Efficient Home

The house had to be energy efficient, deeply connected to nature and sustainable.

They Warned Him Against Entering This Village, He Went Ahead To Revive It

It brings me immense satisfaction to think that a little effort from my side along with the collective hard work…

Camping Heights

“We want to give visitors a feel of how it is to stay in a forest, or in a village…

To build a House with a Single Bag of Cement

Is it possible to build a house with just a bag of cement? Impossible you say, but not Sourabh Phadke..check…

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