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Manzil Learning Center is reimagining education and accessibility through democratizing decision making spaces.

याराना ए सरमोली (In Hindi)

हिमल कलासूत्र उत्सव प्रकृति से दोस्ती और पक्षियों से पहचान की एक शानदार पहल रही.

क्या जैव विविधता राजनीति विज्ञान की शिक्षक बन सकती है? (In Hindi)

एक खोज - स्थानीय जैव विविधता में स्थापित शिक्षा कैसे मनुष्यों के बीच समानता, विविधता और समावेशिता के मूल्यों को गहरा कर सकती है|

The art of foraging: How indigenous people can be the influencers we need

Foraging, which is a part of the received wisdom of many indigenous communities, can offer a sustainable solution to the inevitable food crisis.

Rebuilding the fourth pillar of democracy

A graphic narrative to show how the medium can be revolutionised to dismantle the power and privilege of corporate-owned and government-controlled media.

‘Our identity lies in these songs’: saving the music of India’s Biate

Goswami said the festival performance was just the beginning for the project, and the main focus was getting “this generational transfer of knowledge going once again”.

Reimagining Cities

Imagining a future where every city and its citizens claim a deep connection with its surroundings, history, knowledge systems and the commons.

Kolkata Has The World’s First Tram Library

Passes by 30 educational institutions; book launches, book reading sessions and literature festivals are on the cards

The Peoples’ Biodiversity Register, meant to empower local communities, is leaving them out

"The preparation of PBRs by consultants defeats the whole purpose of having this register. Local people are central...”