KASKOM: Revival of Desi Cotton

Kaskom - connecting the Khadi people across the country to work with Indigenous (desi) cotton.

Two museums in Mandya are saving native paddy grains from extinction

What rice varieties have a low cost of cultivation, no patents, and comparatively lower water consumption levels?

Conservation through democratic governance

Can an adivasi community save the forests and wildlife they live amidst? According to the sentiments echoed by about 160 Soliga adivasis, the answer is a resounding yes. Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary is part of an ecologically critical landscape in the meeting point of the Western and Eastern Ghats, known for its plant and animal diversity, including elephant, tiger, and gaur. Soligas have resided in the area for several centuries.

India’s move to e-governance exposes ancient flaws

At present, IT is reinforcing more than attacking inequality: men are benefiting more than women; the rich are benefiting more than the poor. The challenge is to create the conditions for reversing the polarities