Maha gramsabha: A Unique Initiative In Central India

Apart from resistance against mining and implementation of forest rights, what other activities are taking place at the MGS level?

A day in Delhi’s under-the-bridge school for the poor

Pupils at the free school under the bridge are mostly the children of migrant workers, labourers, and seasonal farmers living in nearby slums.

Dancing away from drugs

“Children who are addicted to correction fluid and alcohol fall while dancing, but it is my job to make them stand again,” he says.

Offering Learning Experiences to Children

Training is given in such a way as to develop varied talents – be it music, painting, dance, farming or martial art.

Despair and hope on the Roof of the World

Ladakhis are working quietly towards sustaining, reviving and reconstructing society in ways that could bring back some harmony between humans and nature.

Sita School

The basis of vital and meaningful education is a relation-ship where individuals can constantly respond to themselves, to others and to their environment.

Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Pune

With its firm belief in ‘Learning by Doing’, Vigyan Ashram at Pabal, Maharashtra has, over past 3 decades, transformed the lives of hundreds of rural youth who the mainstream education system might have rejected as ‘failures’. A modern version of the Gurukula system, “Vigyan” means ‘Search of Truth’ and “Ashram” symbolises ‘simple living and high thinking”.