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What if technology helped us rebalance power and find meaning?

24 May 2021 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm IST

A discussion hosted by Boundless Roots members to discuss what regenerative technology looks like.

About this event

Nothing has transformed our worlds more than technology. The way we live, work, and relax has irrevocably transformed. At this time of intersecting technology transformations and ecosystem collapse, the question of how our tech can be used to create regenerative futures is seldom asked and little explored. We have shared some thoughts HERE.

When regeneration is one of the buzzwords of our time, why is no one asking what regenerative technology might look like, let alone be deployed, to solve some of the gnarly, intractable challenges of our time? Is regenerative Tech a utopia? The stakes could scarcely be higher.

We are offering the following working definition of ‘regenerative tech’ which we will explore in this session: Regenerative technology means technology that can (1) restore, renew and/or heal systems we all depend on, while also (2) improve the ability of said systems to restore, renew and/or heal themselves more effectively.

We don’t have answers but this interactive session will be a space to explore some of the questions and live inquiries we are holding:

– How can we reset our relationship with technology and see it as a life enhancing force?

– What does regenerative technology look and feel like? Who/what/where are the people, organisations, and projects bringing this to life?

– How can we create and use regenerative technology to help us make and sustain a regenerative culture?

– What are the tensions and tradeoffs that we might encounter as we transition towards a paradigm of regenerative technology?

Join us:

  • If you are curious, stuck, puzzled by these questions too,
  • If you are building something, or wanting to create something that you feel resembles regenerative tech,
  • If you have ideas for what regenerative technology looks and feels like and a sense of some of the steps needed to make it real,
  • If you want to connect with others exploring these ideas.

Background to Boundless Roots

Over the last 2 years, The Boundless Roots Community, a global group of climate practitioners, has been exploring how we can radically shift the way in which we live in response to the climate crisis. We acknowledge the need for drastic changes if we are to meet the 1.5 degree challenge. But how do we actually do it?

We wanted to get under the surface of our various efforts to create change, to better understand the critical issues that underpin shifts towards transformation and sustainable living – in western urban settings- , and improve our individual, organisational and collective approaches to change in the process. We end this 2-year journey with a wealth of insights and specific areas of potential in which we are advocating change. You can download our report here.

As part of seeding the learning and legacy of Boundless Roots, we’re offering a series of events to hear from the people and stories behind the insights, taking time to reflect and explore what this might mean for our work.

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