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Vimukt Shiksha Yatra

A Global, Experiential and Somatic Learning Journey

19 April 2021 @ 8:00 am 11 May 2021 @ 5:00 pm IST

Power to the radical imagination!
Love and care in times of chaos
How about traveling together, even in times of physical distancing, to visit experiences of viable alternatives for the care and cultivation of Buen Vivir (good living)?We invite you to participate in this virtual learning journey organized by the Ecoversities Alliance, a global movement for another education.It will last a full moon and will be divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each.Duration: April 19th – May 11thWe are doing this in gift culture spirit, so no excuses 🙂Sign up today! https://events.humanitix.com/power-to-the-radical-imagination

We want to create a space to share and learn —literally and metaphorically— about the power of seeds to regenerate life; to understand ourselves within the perspective of a deep and cosmic time imbued with mystery; for the defense and the rebellious fondness for land and territory, composting waste and creating fertile soil for memory, play and beauty; we will make a sacred fire where we will meet to share letters of love, resistance and brotherhood with life; we will listen to practices to get out of the logic of monocultures of the mind, the heart and the earth; and we will listen to experiences about the affections, movements and care of the body-territory.We will walk through different geographies and various calendars, weaving together word, movement, feeling and action from collective spaces where the joy of learning is claimed in order to expand the imagination and sensibilities coming from the different territories and their peoples. It is a call for companionship in a journey —what in Mexico we call with affection, compas— to go through pedagogies of love and care in turbulent times, listening and sharing stories, seeds and threads to co-create a feeding space that can fit the many worlds that we are and the ways in which women, peasants, indigenous peoples, Blacks, Arabs, Queer and Ch’ixi resist the colonization of their lands, bodies, hearts and minds, re-existing.It is also an experience and a playground for languages, vocabularies, movements, gestures and that which is ineffable and mysterious in our shared humanity. We will also immerse ourselves in the waters of intercultural translation that will resound in words and silences, in music and howls, in breaths and dances. 
This, then, is a call, an invitation, a provocation, and a desire to make a pilgrimage to the places where people unleash mechanisms to take care of life and reinvent the human and all our relationships. By traveling to these places and sharing our stories, we hope to inaugurate rituals, ways of being, doing and being that are in tune with the dream of the Earth.Sign up today! https://www.yatra.global/
Sign up today!

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