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Swaraj Wisdom Weekend with Rajendra Singh, At Swaraj University, Udaipur

24 September @ 8:00 am 26 September @ 5:00 pm IST

Imagine spending a weekend with your favourite Wisdom Heroes/Sheroes, exchanging stories, discussing questions on swaraj, social change, relationships and the meaning of life! Imagine those heroes/sheroes sharing intimate episodes from their life journeys! Imagine them sharing their dreams and dilemmas about how they want the world to be! Imagine sharing with them your ideas and dreams and getting their feedback and support. 

The idea behind the Wisdom Weekend is to create a space to engage in intimate, free flowing dialogues with our elders and heroes to understand how they have explored and understood the idea of Swaraj through various personal life experiences and how Swaraj is part of their work in the world. Usually we only get to interact with these people in busy conferences or listen to them on Youtube, but in this weekend retreat, we envision having a lot of time and space to get to know the hero/shero as a real person. We will also enjoy periods of quiet reflection, cooking together, and some fun surprises. So, bring your stories, dreams and dilemmas to share.

Rajendra Singh  is a senior Gandhian water conservationist and environmentalist from Alwar district, Rajasthan in India. Also known as  “Waterman of India”, he won the Magsaysay Award in 2001 and Stockholm Water Prize in 2015. He runs an NGO called ‘Tarun Bharat Sangh‘ (TBS), which was founded in 1975. The NGO based in village hori-Bhikampura in Thanagazi tehsil, near Sariska Tiger Reserve, has been instrumental in fighting the slow bureaucracy, mining lobby and has helped villagers take charge of water management in their semi-arid area as it lies close to Thar Desert, through the use of johad, rainwater storage tanks, check dams and other time-tested as well as path-breaking techniques. Starting from a single village in 1985, over the years TBS helped build over 8,600 johads and other water conservation structures to collect rainwater for the dry seasons, has brought water back to over 1,000 villages and revived five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahajwali. He is one of the members of the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) which was set up in 2009, by the Government of India as an empowered planning, financing, monitoring and coordinating authority for the Ganges (Ganga).

You can read more about him on the links below:

We start on Saturday, September 24th, 2022, 11:00 am and go until Monday, September 26th, 2022, 4:30 pm.

The event is organised in the spirit of gift culture. We feel everyone is a teacher, a co-creator with many gifts to share to help build the larger community.The suggested contribution for this is Rs.5,000 per person inclusive of the food, stay.You can contribute from your heart. We would greatly appreciate it, if you can give more to sponsor others’ participation. Lack of money should not deter anyone from attending or from full participation. Please feel free to contact us if  money is the constraint to participate.

Register now: https://forms.gle/kA7LdUw6s5UNPPcT8

About the host and Venue:

SwarajUniversity was born in 2010 as a two year learning programme for youth. The focus of the programme is on self-designed learning and on green entrepreneurship, including exploration of basic business skills within the context of ecological sustainability and social justice.

This self-directed learning process invites learners to identify their hearts’ visions and engages them in developing the skills, relationships and practices they need to manifest those visions.

The programme is as much about developing the capacities and confidence we need to create and pursue our unique learning paths as it is about strengthening the leadership capacity and right livelihood opportunities in communities.

There is NO degree or certificate required to join Swaraj University, and we do not give any degrees after the course. We are proud of being totally unrecognized and un-deemed, since we believe in creating portfolios based on one’s own experiences rather than degrees and certificates as a proof of one’s education. We are also part of the campaign, Healing Ourselves from Diploma Disease, a national campaign to say NO to degrees and certificates and promote a better evaluation framework such as that which is based on experience and  portfolios. 

Tapovan Ashram is a beautiful, tranquil, green, 15 acre campus located in an isolated,  scenic valley between two mountain ranges, 15 kms from Udaipur city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. 

The Ashram has an organic farm, herb gardens and an ayurvedic healing centre. Away from the noise and pollution of city life, it offers a serene and beautiful environment for reflection, self-exploration and healing.  There are a lot of opportunities for nature and wild-life lovers for walks and trails, and for some bird-watching or snake spotting.  One gets to witness a variety of flora and fauna thriving in the hills surrounding the Ashram, including foxes, hyenas, and leopards.

Built within this greenery are the staying facilities, common kitchen, dining room, library, meditation hall, swimming pools, nature cure facilities, cow shed etc.

For more details & queries please call Sumit at +91 98900 91899 or whatsapp him at +91 99237 17635, You can also reach out to us on at [email protected].

Have a blissful day ahead!

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