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Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective

4 May @ 9:00 pm 10:30 pm IST

Dear All,

We are really happy to announce our latest Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective that deep dives into how women collectives as a virtual activity in the World Social Forum from 1-6th May! 

Topic: Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective

Time: 3:30 am FJT | 9:00 pm IST | 3:30 pm GMT | 10:30 am CDT

Date: 4 May 2022

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84098171332

Women farmers across the world have been caretakers and custodians of knowledge of traditional, natural, organic farming. From the role of seed-keeper who preserve the native, indigenous plants, to sowing them, taking care of the poultry, cutting the excess grass for fodder – women have been extremely pivotal in climate-resilient farming. Narratives across the world, especially amongst indigenous communities have recognised how women farmers have preserved diversity, worked on nutritional foods that benefit their families and communities and applied ecological practices in agriculture. These stories embed eras of knowledge that is important to disseminate now more than ever while the world is facing multiple environmental challenges threatening soil, water, and biodiversity due to the worsening climate crises. 

There are several movements, organisations, networks, collectives and groups across the world who work with women farmers and are themselves, women, farmers to give them(selves) recognition, access to resources and markets, labour and land rights in laws, policies and schemes, rightful representation in local, national and global decision making institutions and spaces, and even documenting their role as custodians of nature. These efforts towards comprehensively looking at the role of women in efforts to challenge the long invisibalisation of their labour in the agriculture sector. Not only have they been hearing the demands of women farmers, but working towards their wellbeing, and social and financial security.

Through our Sutra Mandali, we would like to document the different work done on moving towards this dignity of livelihoods in the context of women farmer groups and documenting their pivotal practices to share with different groups who have similar aims and objectives. 

Sutra Mandali is one of Vikalp Sutra‘s initiatives and is a space for collective knowledge sharing and mentoring on issues and strategies around sustainable and dignified livelihoods encompass rights, security, access, justice and well being for all living beings.


  1. To create an understanding of the concept of ‘dignified livelihoods.’
  2. To share strategies that work in creating/ building dignified livelihoods. 
  3. To discuss challenges, both internal and external, in enabling dignified livelihoods.
  4. To find mentorship and solutions (i.e. collaborations & resources) that help build and sustain dignified livelihoods, for a specific occupational category of people, function or sector.

Vikalp Sutra is a collective, non-hierarchical platform initiated in June 2020, to facilitate dignified livelihoods, workers’ rights and economic democracy in India. The vision of Vikalp Sutra is to promote community self-reliance, based on the principles of dignity, justice, equity, peace, and ecological sustainability. We would like to extend this dialogue to groups and networks in other parts of the Asia-Pacific. 

Vikalp Sutra has emerged from Vikalp Sangam and aims at linking other networks and collectives with a focus on the sustainable livelihoods landscape of India. Vikalp Sangam is a diverse and open space for learning and sharing initiatives of alternative transformations happening across India.Please share this across widely! 

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