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Return to Earth: A-Z of Biodiversit, Agroecology, Regeneratve Organic Food System


1 October @ 8:00 am 14 October @ 5:00 pm IST

To address Health Emergency, Climate Emergency and
Agrarian emergency with Dr Vandana Shiva and Navdanya Team


Agriculture for Life
Biodiversity regenerative Organic Agriculture is the future for Regenerating the Health of
the Planet and People.
Myths of Industrial Globalised Agriculture.
Monocultures create scarcity, Hunger and Disease, Biodiversity creates Abundance
increase nutrition and health per acre.

The Living Seed – Navdanya’s Seed Story
Seeds of Biodiversity- Seed saving, indigenous seeds, climate resilient seeds, Nutritionally
dense seeds, community seed banks and Reclaiming the Commons.
Myths of Green Revolution, GMOs, IPRS, Patents, From Seeds of Suicide to Seeds of hope
and Freedom.

The Living Soil
The soil is Living not dead and Inect, Soil Biodiversity & Food Web
Harms of Chemical Fertilisers to living soil.
Chemical Free Organic Farming for regenerating soil fertility and agriculture

“Growing Life” is the solution to Climate change
How fossil fuel based chemical industrial agriculture is a major driver of climate change
and how Biodiversity and Living soils are climate solutions.

Plant and Insect Diversity
How plant diversity support Insect biodiversity
The Harm of Pesticides to insects and pollinators
Regenerating plant diversity to protect bees and other insects.

Living Food
Biodiversity as Health.
Ultra Processed Food, Junk Food are causing disease cornice pandemics.
The Science of Ayurvedic approach to healthy life
Matter and Life: Yoga with Food
General introduction to Nutrition- The building blocks of our food

Living Economics
Our Health and the planet’s health is one health. We can regenerate the earth and our
bodies by Creating biodiverse living economy of Care
We can Return to the Earth and relearn the Art of living

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