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Invitation for a RETREAT- Being in BEAUTY – a phenomenological enquiry

21 December 2023 @ 8:00 am 27 December 2023 @ 5:00 pm IST


I am offering a retreat called Being in Beauty. This is to re-integrate the cognitive and the aesthetic experience.

The importance of beauty/ aesthetic senses in the act of cognizing the world is not at all recognized in the paradigm of modern education. This is the reason why there is something called art as a separate
activity. This is also the case with creativity which is usually connected with only art.

The reason is quite clear. Both knowledge and art are given as products or skills to be mastered to be consumed. Senses have been totally excommunicated from modern classrooms completely and quite
recently given entry as ‘experiential learning’ and in other various names as tablet form.  So also, the ‘process.

This ontological reversal is the hallmark of modernity. The unknown is bracketed within the known, intuition is within reason, creativity and spontaneity within the planning, and the body is totally within the
control of the mind.

It is through the senses we make sense of the world and it is through the senses that we experience beauty- related to all senses.   It is in the realm of the unknown that we start with the process, of
observing, exploring, discovering, and in the process developing intuitive intelligence and not rational intelligence.

And it is through the process that the product gets made but having discarded the real world as the content of learning the only way is to bring our descriptions for classroom distribution.

Even though seeing is the most natural act as of now we use eyes as the tool of the mind rather than of the body. Once a child learns the name of any object, perception moves from the right to the left side
of the brain, that is from sense and experience-related activity to language and thinking-related activity. When the thinking process and reasoning take over it aggressively subdues the sensory perception and

The retreat is for reactivating the senses, reclaiming the primacy of the body and experience, reclaiming process orientation, and being in the realm of the unknown.

The retreat is totally experiential, contemplative, non-intellectual, and open & exploratory. Even though awakening just one sense will activate all the senses, the retreat will try to address all the senses.

Please contact me if any further clarification is required through WhatsApp at +91 7592013231.
Venue THRISSUR, KERALA  Dates – 7 days December 21 to 27 2023

REGISTER:  https://tinyurl.com/yc2sj726   (See the attached brochure for details)

Suggested Contribution: Rs. 15000 (Non-Indians $250) (see details in the registration form)

To know more about the facilitator – Jinan KB, please visit https://www.jinankb.in ,
To know more about the event
https://seeeing.weebly.com,   https://www.beinginbeauty.org/


Thrissur, Kerala India + Google Map

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