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Application to Ecoversities Germinator Circle…Sensing Call

30 November @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm IST

Dear Friends
We invite you to Sensing Call to see what projects, dreams, and ideas you have. We think it is a good time to review “the garden” that we have on the network and see actions, activities, proposals with the intention of taking care of each other and that our gardens grow.

Our aim is to provide mentoring and seed funding to initiatives that need a kick-start. If you want to be the change and are willing to commit to prototype your idea for a new & better world, we will support it.

Why should Ecological, Economical, Social & Spiritual means and ends be in conflict or at costs of one another? There must be better Alternatives to Learning, Living and Loving. Let us experiment and bring them to manifestation. Let us be the seed which is potentially a forest.

Tentatively, this ‘Learning by Doing’ program will be in 3 phases, to be refined based on needs/ interests of the participants and consensus of the steering committee:
Phase 1 – Sensing Call and application till 30th Nov ’21. We hope to support 8-10 projects with $500-700 each by the end of Dec’21.
Phase 2 – Mentoring & Prototyping
These 8-10 projects will be expected to do a prototype of their idea from Jan-Mar’22 (3 months) and share with us their learning and what they will do and how to roll it out further.
Our team will do fortnightly calls with these project teams to track progress along with regular mentoring sessions by members of IMA and other experts. We might also visit them personally during this period to understand the work and challenges thereof. They will be required to attend calls, share reports and videos/ photos of the work, participate in physical gatherings (if situation permits us to plan), etc.
Phase 3 – Roll out support will be considered at the end of 3 months of Mentoring & Prototyping phase. Out of these 8-10 projects, depending on the progress we will select 2-3 who have done successful prototypes, have demonstrated commitment and whose work is likely to make a stated impact. We will consider them for larger support which could range from $2000-$3000 each.

If you know someone (say a tribal) who is not in this virtual world and has wonderful ideas, dreams, and projects…. it will be our pleasure to consider them. Please share with us or help them apply.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you WIN. WE ARE WITH YOU!

Regards, Dilip Jain, dJED Foundation on behalf of Steering Committee, IMA

You can answer in English or Hindi. If filling out forms is not your style, we welcome videos/ audios/ drawings that answer the questions given below. Idea is to know you and your ideas!

To apply for programFILL OUT FORM

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