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Resources for Economics & Technologies: Networks

  1. Decoding the Technosphere’, e-group/mailing list dedicated to exchanging critical information and insights on science and technology. Apart from tracking emerging and proposed technologies, it also aims to critically understand the impact of technology in every aspect of life. The political-economy of technology and science is a priority area. (checked on 1 June 2021)
  2. International Alliance For Localization (IAL) is a cross-cultural network of thinkers, activists and NGOs dedicated to exploring radically new visions of development and progress. They believe that the answer lies in shortening the distance between producers and consumers by encouraging diversified production for domestic needs, instead of specialized production for export. It’s about shifting the power from transnational corporations to nation states, while simultaneously building up regional self-reliance. Click here to join in. Hosted on the Local Futures website. (checked on 27 Jul. 2021)

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