Videos - Environment Session of Janta Parliament, 18 August 2020

Posted on Aug. 28, 2020

Janta Parliament, 16-21 August 2020 (

A 4 hour session on Environment, held on 18 Aug 2020, as part of the Janta Parliament (People's Parliament) process for India, 16-21 August. This was organised by several dozen networks and organisations of people's movements and civil society, to highlight the fact that the official parliament has not met when it should have (with COVID as an excuse), and to raise demands from people across India that political circles need to listen to. 

Full resolutions of the Environment session:

Watch a short video presenting the Environment session's key resolutions

A still from the short video on the key resolutions from the Session on Environment, 18 August 2020

[Envi. Session was organised by Kalpavriksh, National Alliance of People’s Movements, Environment Support Group, Greenpeace India, Veditum, Fridays for Future India, Extinction Rebellion India, Let India Breathe, ParyavaranSurakshaSamiti, VikalpSangam, and Yugma]

List of SUBJECTs

1. Strengthening environmental regulatory regime

2. Eliminating pollution

3. Tackling the climate crisis

4. Regenerating, restoring, conserving natural ecosystems and wildlife populations

5. Strengthening self-governance and self-reliance through village and town assemblies

6. Generating ecologically sustainable, dignified livelihoods as part of COVID recovery 

7. Improving Flood Management

8. Improving Urban Water Management

Watch a recording of the entire session on Environment

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A comprehensive ‘People’s Policy for Post COVID-19 Times’ as well as a collation of all resolutions from the Janta Parliament


PRESS RELEASE (Environment Session) BY JANTA PARLIAMENT (जनता संसद) 18 AUG. 2020


Brief statistics, information and highlights from the Janta Parliament,

Videos, press releases and resolutions from each session

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