The Most Excited Man In The World Tells You How He Changed Lives Of Rickshaw Drivers For Good

By Priyanka Jain on July 28, 2014 in Livelihoods

Pradip Sarmah, back in 2002, had a conversation with a cycle rickshaw driver that changed his life’s purpose for ever. Watch how Pradip reinvented the cycle rickshaw and how his rickshaw bank is making rickshaw drivers smile every single day. Pradip’s biggest impact? In his own words:

“Their children are now going to school – and most importantly, they are accepted by society”

Watch How He Reinvented The Rickshaw And Changed Hundreds Of Lives For The Better

About: Video by The Collaborative
In 2006, The Lemelson Foundation and Ashoka launched a partnership to advance invention for social good. Together, they identified and invested in over one hundred leading invention entrepreneurs from developing countries.
Pradip Sarmah is one of these outstanding individuals. His work to inspire inventive engineering and innovative business models is empowering service providers like rickshaw drivers to enhance their livelihoods.

First Published on The Better India website

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