Taking Charge: Decentralised energy in India

By Grace Boyle and Avinash Krishnamurthy on Feb. 9, 2014 in Energy

Taking Charge is a selection of case studies of small-scale, decentralised renewable energy systems in India in 2010. Each has two parts: the main story, which captures some of the remarkable human and social elements that have shaped these pioneering projects, and a quick-glance section, which provides an easy reference for the more technical aspects.

The strength of these stories lies in their diversity. One is a diversity of the context in which they are based, including
the geography of the place, and its social fabric. From semi-nomadic pastoral tribes in the Himalaya, to castebased
politics in the deserts of Rajasthan, to church-lead community action in the hills of Kerala, renewable energy is seen being applied to the problem of energy access in a variety of contexts. Another is the diversity of solutions applied. Each of these renewable energy projects has worked because they are tailored to fit the local needs and conditions.

First Published by Greenpeace

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