One grain at a time: Assam’s rice seed library for climate resilience

His assemblage includes 250 varieties - aromatic, sticky, black, flood-tolerant and hill rice

Tamil Nadu farmers fight drought with organic farming

Traditional crops have medicinal value, are well-suited to the local soil conditions and can survive drought

The Five Per Cent of Palamau farmers

Many more families in this block are now busy digging Five Per Cent ponds in their respective lands so that the rainwater this monsoon does not rus...

Debal Deb: The barefoot conservator

"The places Indian elites like to call ‘backward’, such as tribal areas, were those with the greatest chances of having retained these varieties ov...

Natwar Sarangi of Odisha, the individual revolutionary

Natwar Sarangi of Odisha is an extraordinary farmer, collecting and trying several hundred traditional varieties of paddy and redistributing them t...

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