Paaduks: Shoes with soul

Inspired by an article that spoke of the possibility of using waste tyres as soles for shoes, the team dove into exploring this idea

How to Teach a Girl to Farm, and Transform Her Life in the Process

By empowering West Bengali girls to grow food, their economic value is increased, making parents less likely to marry off their daughters or sell t...

Where tigers, tribes coexist

Tribespeople who were forced forgo other means of livelihood after the sanctuary became a tiger reserve are now employed as tourist guides, forest ...

કપાસ પહેલાનો, ફેરવણાટ અત્યારનું (in Gujarati)

કચ્છમાં નૈસર્ગિક રીતે ઊગતા અને સદીઓથી પર્યાવરણને જાળવતા એક પ્રકારના કપાસના પુનરુત્થાનની કથા

Reweaving an Old World cotton

The story of weaving again with a variety of cotton that is suited to the local environment, organic and has been grown in Kachchh for centuries.

Radio women of Patara wins Unesco award

"I talk to Saharians in their own language about their village, livelihood, food etc. and broadcast them through Radio Dhadkan," says Ramvati.

"I want to Change Things!"

"... But when we asked them to repay the loans they had taken from us, the whole village refused."

Ecotopia Emerging: sustainable forests and healthy livelihoods go hand-in-hand

Political scientist Arun Agrawal's research sheds light on the connection between forest health and people's livelihoods

Being the Change:Jharcraft in Jharkhand

Jharcraft, a state government initiative, has helped transform the lives of 2.5 lakh families with support for reviving, enhancing, and marketing t...

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