A Space of Freedom

How an arts outreach initiative and an environmental justice campaign are together transforming public life in Chennai.

Fauna returns to Ameenpur lake

“Every water body from the past should be treated as a heritage body.”

Learning from the land: a Kerala school's emphasis on nature

Students walk bare-foot on the red, loamy soil, amid peacocks and rabbits. They harvest organic fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, pumpkin, gua...

लोकांनी घेतलेले, लोकांचे, लोकांसाठीचे निर्णय (in Marathi)

डोंगरीया कोंढ समुहांनी सिध्द करुन दाखविली, तथाकथित विकास प्रकल्पाला परवानगी देण्याची अथवा ती नाकारण्याची समुहाची ताकद

Decisions of the people, by the people, for the people

The Dongria Kondhs' protests against Vedanta’s proposal to mine in the Niyamgiri hills showed people’s power to provide or withhold consent for a d...

Yogendra Yadav and Vandana Shiva call for a green party in India

“If green politics emerges as a binding agent of various marginalised groups and concerns, it definitely has a future in India.”

SayTrees is making Bangalore Smile by giving it a new green cover

SayTrees has helped Bangalore reclaim some of its natural beauty by planting saplings around 14 lakes, and at several other locations.

Caring for Madurai's Only Waterfall

Nature lovers from the city and villagers join hands to clean the Kutladampatti waterfall under the ‘Friends of Forest’ initiative.

The nature of belief (in Lepcha language)

As hunger for growth and energy threatens a community of nature worshippers, they point to a different path towards development

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