Is Responsible Tourism an Oxymoron?

Tourism policy in India is increasingly realizing the potential and need for genuinely community-run, ecologically sensitive visitation.

From experiment to craft to industry: Upcycling India’s household waste

Egg crate forms were crafted into small decorative flowers and converted into lights for festivals, generating income for trained, underprivileged ...

The Green Life

At Sadhana Forest, on the outskirts of Auroville, a community plants trees and lives in rhythm with nature.

Paaduks: Shoes with soul

Inspired by an article that spoke of the possibility of using waste tyres as soles for shoes, the team dove into exploring this idea

The Retyrement Plan : Using waste materials for crafting furniture

Furniture ranges from sofa sets to swings to independent stools and living room sets. The products are vibrantly colourful and sturdy to use.

Experiencing the Banni through Hodka

Shaam-e-Sarhad is a small enterprise, promoting niche tourism as opposed to mass tourism that focuses on the heritage of the Banni area.

Camping Heights

“We want to give visitors a feel of how it is to stay in a forest, or in a village that has not seen electricity..."

This small-time juice vendor makes hay while the sun shines

Where power woes torment small businesses, investment in a solar-panel could pay dividends.

Sustainability Museum in Chennai

The country’s first sustainability museum in Chennai has been launched to create awareness among people about eco-friendly products and practices.

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