A University With No Classrooms, No Teachers, Degrees, Curriculum, and Exams- Swaraj University

Democratic education has helped khojis be more tolerant, patient and learn to look at other’s point of view- which is very essential in today’s liv...

Don’t Migrate to the City, Learn How to Climb a Tree Instead

Nataraju is now engaged full-time in palm climbing. He travels across Tumkur district and is able to save up to Rs. 800-1,000 per day.

The Retyrement Plan : Using waste materials for crafting furniture

Furniture ranges from sofa sets to swings to independent stools and living room sets. The products are vibrantly colourful and sturdy to use.

The Man Who Carved A Road Through The Mountain So His People Could Reach A Doctor In Time

"If it took all my life now, I would carve us a road through the mountain.”

Green Bridge Technology: A simple solution for sewer and waste treatment

The water flowing through these structures carries the solution down the river cleaning up all heavy metals deposited in it.

Anil Mehta: A Man with a Mission

The Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti of Udaipur is a group of passionate people who work selflessly and without outside funds to help improve their city’s h...

The Future of Learning

Groups of Indian street children learned to use computers and the Internet by themselves...

Adobes at Tural

A team of locals and volunteers worked together to realize this cottage-couple in a beautiful hamlet called Tural.

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