Why Delhi must think beyond water ATMs

Water Supply through water ATMs is probably an excellent option to fill specific gaps where there is no water supply (in Delhi), on a temporary basis.

A flawed agenda for development

A narrow focus on growth-led development is the cause of the world’s sustainability crisis, not its solution

Greens launch website on sustainability

Projects that demonstrate ecological sustainability or social well being and justice are of course welcomed. But some initiatives have also demonst...

Will 2015 be a year of hope?

Can a coalition of movements from many sectors attain the critical mass needed to eventually transform the political and economic structures curren...

Micro-hydro Power in Udmaroo village

The micro-hydro power station at Udmaroo is owned and operated entirely by the people, and has helped the village to become more self-reliant.

The Ecological Footprint of India

Compared with other countries, the average Indian has a lighter ecological footprint - nine times lighter than that of an average U.S. citizen.

Sustainable access: Correcting the wrongs of lopsided development

'We cannot solve our problems with the same technology and lifestyles that created them.' - Albert Einstein

Enabling youth towards saving ‘development’-induced destruction.

A programme titled 'Pahar aur Hum: Rethinking Development in the Himalayas' concluded in Himachal Pradesh where 16 youth from western Himalayan sta...

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