Small is Beautiful

By Ashish Kothari on Oct. 23, 2017 in Environment and Ecology

Everyone goes into the forest hoping to see the Big Animals - the Tiger, the Leopard or the Elephant. But pay attention and you will find Immense Beauty in the Smaller Things.

"Tiger!" I whispered. Immediately, the students gathered around me in the forest snapped to attention, following the direction of my gaze. "Where, where?" came a chorus of whispers, as they could not see any striped cat. With a silent, somewhat wicked smile, I pointed to a butterfly fluttering past and told them it was the 'plain tiger', thus named because of its tawny colour and striped wings. I guess if looks could have killed, I would have dropped dead with the collective glare I got. But over the next hour, as I pointed out one striking butterfly after another, and a host of lively dragonflies and dragonflies and damselflies and caterpillars, disappointment turned into new-found interest. The students began seeing beauty and wonder in small creatures ordinarily not given a second glance.

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First published by Outlook Traveller

Story Tags: environment, ecological, ecology, nature, conservation, conservation of nature, youth


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