Learning Un Learning Program

Posted on March 4, 2014

The program of Learning Un Learning will be at Adliabad from March 24th till 28th at Guruji s Kalashram.
The fees is Rs 4000 which includes simple food, stay and donation to Ashram. If you can afford please consider to donate to meet expenses of documentation etc.

After this event Guruji is having 3 days - 29, 30, 31- Ugadi celebrations. You may stay back for this event too.
Do confirm your participation as soon as possible. Please go through the attachment to know more about the program.

Learning un learning in short is a program to initiate deep enquiry in to the biological roots of cognition and to explore the cognitive damages inflicted by modern coercive education. The learning Unlearning program is an year long one in which we meet every month for about 7 to 10 days. One can take part in all or any of the program. We have set up this email group - biological-roots-of-being@googlegroups.com for discussions and information. Please join the same if you are  interested.

Learning Un Learning Poster (Print for Notice Boards)

Guruji Speak on Rural economy


Registration Form

You may transfer the amount to The Federal Bank Limited, Kothrud Pune Branch,savings a\c no. 15000100006330, account name Sadhana Village,Pune, and the IFSC CODE  FDRL0001500  or  send DD  in favour of 'Sadhana Village,Pune ' payable at Federal Bank,Pune. It is non-refundable.



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