How an army of women in Vellore resurrected a river that once served as their lifeline

Posted on Jan. 28, 2019 in Food and Water

This story looks at a small group of women in Vellore, who have built more than 600 recharge wells, ensuring the revival of a once-dead river.

Supervising Producer: Nooshin Mowla | Director of Photography: Omkar Phatak | Video Editor: Sujit Lad | Field Producer: Aditi Rajagopal | Researcher: James Roy | Assistant Producers: Dewang Trivedi, Shibika Suresh | Script and Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu

First published by Scroll on 26 Jan. 2019

Story Tags: livelihoods, secure livelihoods, women peasants, women empowerment, women, self-motivation, self help groups, self-sufficiency, settlements, irrigation issues, irrigation, instituional help


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